Rental Products to suit any Business needs…

rentalsafe Cool Box Rentals – Insulated Vans and Trailers to provide a cooler storage or delivery environment for temperature sensitive products (Non Refrigerated).

Global Vehicle Rentals – Providing Passenger Sedans, Utes, Trays, Light Commercial and Box Van hire.

Micro Van-Hire – Micro sized Vans for commercial application – Dry Goods Delivery or Service vehicles.

Plant & Equipment Rentals – Providing Ride-on Mowers & Tow behind Sprayers to Factory Sweeping machines and all in between.

Suzi Hire-Rent – Small Compact Vans for Inner City and Suburban Delivery requirements (Dry Goods).

Trailer Tanker Rentals – Portable water solutions for construction sites, Public events and Fire or Dust suppression, dedicated Herbicide units and Diesel Fuel Tankers also available.

                                                                                                                        Tradies Trailer Hire – Secure, Lockable Tradesman Style Trailers, Box & Cage Trailers, Site                                                                                      Boxes or Plant Trailers for on-site works, Equipment Transport, Tool storage or for Mobile                                                                                              Work-site Command operations.

Rental Benefits

“Business is hard enough as it is – so, it’s great to know that some things will always work in your favour….
For many customers, Hire or Rental of Vehicles and Equipment is their immediate or long-term sourcing answer or solution”.

The benefits of renting Vehicles and Equipment over Asset ownership, or Finance include;

  • Short term use and availability to suit specific needs – don’t get locked into protracted ownership or long term lease contracts
  • Preservation of Cash against physical Cash-flow
  • Simply return equipment after initial hire/rental requirement – peace of mind knowing you’re not stuck with Vehicles or Equipment that isn’t an ongoing requirement for your current needs
  • Affordable – daily/weekly or monthly rental rates and payment schedules to match
  • No cost of ownership or general maintenance expenses
  • All Rental payments are 100% tax-deductible to business
  • Renting is “off balance sheet”, meaning – it doesn’t affect your capacity to borrow for future expansion or for your general daily-use equipment requirements
  • No more Book value losses via “Write-down” through short life asset disposal values