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Unable to return the vehicle to the point of Rental?

Apart from our normal Vehicle & Equipment Transport Services; Alliance Vehicle-Shift are able to arrange Delivery or Collection of the Alliance Rental Vehicle to or from the location specified at time of hire.

This Specialist Division, Will manage the entire pick-up or delivery aspect of your Alliance Rental Vehicle, co-ordinating the On-hire delivery or Off-hire collection with the rental driver; and once handed over to the Alliance Vehicle-Shift staff member the rental is Off-hired; meaning your responsibility for the vehicle has ended – there and then.

Charges for this service are calculated, based on a return/round trip to our initial hire point – The location where the Rental Vehicle needs to be delivered to or collected from and at what times of the day – The minimum fee applicable in Metropolitan Melbourne (25Km Radius of GPO) is presently $66.00 per trip.

Confirmation of charges applicable should be made for other outlying or regional areas.

Payment by Credit Card will be required for Transport Service at time of Delivery/collection of Vehicle by Alliance Vehicle-Shift unless prior arrangements have been made with the Alliance Rental division and noted on Hire Agreement.